Video: Close Encounter With Wildlife at Bisley

A visited the Bisley Nature Reserve near Pietermaritzburg to take photos of the bird life and wildlife. The day started out misty and a bit cool.
I headed down to the bird hide only to find that it was under water so I walked around to the other side of the water hole.
I was just finishing with setting up my camera and I looked up to see a large male giraffe about 10m away looking at me.

I had seen the tracks when I was walking down and then realised that I was set up right in the middle of the animal track that the giraffes use. I backed off a bit to see if he would move but he just stood there looking at me.
I was a little nervous because the giraffe in this reserve have a reputation. A couple of years ago a man was killed in the reserve and the prime suspect was a giraffe. In another incident an aggressive giraffe chase people around the stables that are in the reserve.

Anyway, I do know a few things about the bush and wildlife so I wasn’t too stressed out. The problem now was that I had backed off leaving my camera behind. Now I couldn’t go back to the camera in case the giraffe saw my advance as a challenge.
20150412_072653 - Copy
So I backed off some more and shot a video on my mobile phone (I thought I might need it for insurance purposes). The giraffe came within 5m of me. It was really a very cool experience. What a magnificent creature. Enjoy the video.




2 thoughts on “Video: Close Encounter With Wildlife at Bisley”

  1. Well done, Steve. I’ve often been very close to the giraffes at Bisley and never seen this sort of curiosity by any of them. I remember the stories from years ago and never gave them too much credence. I think your video clip may well be of great interest to wildlife experts, particularly those who are versed in animal behaviour.

  2. The video is very cool! Well done. Honestly, I would have been very scared if I were you. It appears the Giraffe was more curious than hungry, which was very lucky for you 🙂


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