Video: Close Encounter With Wildlife at Bisley

A visited the Bisley Nature Reserve near Pietermaritzburg to take photos of the bird life and wildlife. The day started out misty and a bit cool. I headed down to the bird hide only to find that it was under water so I walked around to the other side of the water hole. I was …

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How to Photograph Lightning

We have had a lot of lightning around South Africa of late and I have seen some excellent lightning photos. I have also seen lots of people asking how they were taken. So I will attempt to explain and at the same time show you some of my lightning photos. But first have a look …

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Property Photos – Lightbodys

Property Photography

I was recently commissioned to take architectural photos of some property for Lightbodys. Lightbodys is a property company that buys and renovates derelict properties in Pietermaritzburg. Once complete they manage very affordable, quality inner-city accommodation in those properties. The alternative is shocking. I have added photos of slum type houses so that you can see …

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