The Portrait Photographer – Facing The Biggest Challenge

Post Processing and Retouching

Loren - Portrait Photography on Location
Loren – Portrait Photography on Location

When you go through the shots with your client, they will tell you what they are not happy with. Sometimes in a nice way and other times… not so much. You have to understand that most ordinary people will see everything that they are uncomfortable about, with themselves, in every photo, especially when working with studio quality shots. Some people get really upset and you need to be sympathetic. Try not to say, “but that is what you look like.” unless you are prepared to defend yourself. Hopefully, by now, you have built a good rapport with your client which helps.

Take note of all concerns and retouch the photos accordingly. Try not to go crazy with retouching. You want to photos to look natural and some people would prefer to keep the freckle or mole because it defines them.

The trick with retouching is to be subtle. Taking a couple of years off your client’s age is fine but keep the pores and wrinkles intact unless you are going for that horrible plastic Barbie look.

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