A Fun Photo Trip to Durban

I took a day off to spend some time with some good mates from Round Table in The Netherlands on a trip to Durban. Obviously the camera came along.

The Valley of a Thousand Hills

From Pietermaritzburg our first stop was at the valley overlooking KwaXimba. This is a spot I found when I was working in Cato Ridge and I have been back there quite a lot. Not too many people know about this place because it’s a little off the beaten track but the view is breath-taking. This is basically the start of the Valley of a Thousand Hills.

KwaXimba - Durban
Start of the Valley of a Thousand Hills

Nchanga and Botha’s Hill

This is a part of the Comrades Marathon route. A tough section for the down run with stunning scenery. We stopped on the side of the road to soak in the endless valley of a thousand hills. We visited the reptile farm at the PheZulu Safari Park and stopped off at a roadside ‘shopping’ spot. Then we hit the road to Durban…

Valley of a Thousand Hills Bothas Hill
The Valley of a Thousand Hills
Crocodile - Phezulu Safari Park
A crocodile cooling itself at Phezulu Safari Park
Durban Photographer
Roadside Stalls at Botha’s Hill near Durban
Snake - Durban Photographer
I see you!

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