Breaking The Rules For Fun Photos

“You should never break the rules in photography!” – The technically correct photographers

Some of the best pictures I have seen completely shatter all the rules that some photographers hold so dear. Needless to say, I like to break the rules from time to time.

I don’t really view them as rules but rather guidelines. One of these “guidelines” that I hear about very often is the type of lens you should use when taking portrait shots. Some lenses will make the subject seem flat and lifeless while others will distort them.

It is true that different lenses will give different results and some are not at all flattering. But then, sometime flatting is not the objective.

I decided to take on a little fun project and take some photos of some of my friends in the least flattering way possible… with a wide angle lens, 12mm focal length on a full frame camera. In most cases, believe it or not, the lens was less than 50mm from their noses.

The results are pretty funny. You will notice that there are no ladies present. I may be cold but I’m not stupid. To protect the innocent, I have not posted their names or photos of what they really look like. I did try and keep the somewhat distorted backgrounds interesting though.

Try this at home!!!

Enjoy and leave a comment.

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