A Photographer’s Guide to Rates and Pricing

Photo Rates

Charge Out Rate

This rate is what the photographer charges their client for their time, usually per hour. What is charged should depend on the photographer’s qualification, experience and the quality of their portfolio. It is also influenced by the location of the photographer. Generally these rates would be lower in smaller towns compared to big cities. This is the value that the photographers place on themselves.

The charge out rate is to cover your basic expenses such as food, accommodation, car repayments, school fees, insurance, light and water, etc. This should also cover your business costs for things like marketing and running your website. You shouldn’t change this rate based on the amount of work you have. If you have decided on a rate and are not making enough money on this rate, find more business.

That said, you can offer your clients a reduction on this rate based on volume. For example:
1 to 2 hours = 100% of the rate
2 to 4 hours = 90% of the rate
More than 4 hours = 80% of the rate.

Obviously your client does not see your rates directly but they get the benefit in their quotation.

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  1. I am a hobbyist and have been approached for a few jobs, and have worked out pricing similar, but had not included school fees, will include going forward, so thank you, and the article as a whole I found very informative.


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