Video: Close Encounter With Wildlife at Bisley

A visited the Bisley Nature Reserve near Pietermaritzburg to take photos of the bird life and wildlife. The day started out misty and a bit cool.
I headed down to the bird hide only to find that it was under water so I walked around to the other side of the water hole.
I was just finishing with setting up my camera and I looked up to see a large male giraffe about 10m away looking at me.

I had seen the tracks when I was walking down and then realised that I was set up right in the middle of the animal track that the giraffes use. I backed off a bit to see if he would move but he just stood there looking at me.
I was a little nervous because the giraffe in this reserve have a reputation. A couple of years ago a man was killed in the reserve and the prime suspect was a giraffe. In another incident an aggressive giraffe chase people around the stables that are in the reserve.

Anyway, I do know a few things about the bush and wildlife so I wasn’t too stressed out. The problem now was that I had backed off leaving my camera behind. Now I couldn’t go back to the camera in case the giraffe saw my advance as a challenge.
20150412_072653 - Copy
So I backed off some more and shot a video on my mobile phone (I thought I might need it for insurance purposes). The giraffe came within 5m of me. It was really a very cool experience. What a magnificent creature. Enjoy the video.





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