Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography is one of my most popular offerings. My goal with any portrait is to capture the essence and character of my subject.

For me, the most important part of any photography is for the photographer to have complete control of lighting. Portrait photography is good fun and my clients always leave feeling good. But that’s not how it always starts. Most people are uncomfortable in front of a camera and I know exactly how they feel. I will always aim to make my client feel comfortable before we start the real shoot. This is the same for all people, no matter their age.

Once my client is relaxed the rest of details tend to fall into place. Now I just have to make sure that my lighting and camera positions are as flattering as possible. My decisions on head shots, 3/4 shots or full length, and poses happen in my head. There is no need to get into the technical details of portrait photography.

Once the shoot is done I review the photographs with my client and decide whether there is any editing or retouching to be done. With today’s technology it is easy to remove anything from a photo that a person is, maybe, a little self-concious about.

My clients get all their images on disk. I save then in high resolution jpeg files and I also supply compressed file so that they easily and quickly upload them to websites or social media. If required, I will also supply black and white images.

All-in-all when my client leaves they are happy they have received a quality service.

Here are some examples of my portrait photography.