A Fun Photo Trip to Durban

I have been to Durban a few times in the last month or two. Here are some more photos of Durban. If you are visiting South Africa, Durban is a must see.

Moyos on the Pier - Ushaka Durban Photographer
Moyos on the Pier – Ushaka Durban
Moyos by Night - Durban Photographer
Moyos by Night
The Golden Mile - Durban Photography
The Golden Mile – Durban

Personal Project

I have embarked on a fun personal project taking photos of reluctant people from really close up with a wide angle lens with decent landscape backgrounds. The effects are sometimes hilarious. The photos will follow in a later post but I did get some on this trip. Here is a teaser…

Durban Photography
Johan at the Valley of a Thousand Hills

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