Event Photography

Event photography covers areas of photography such as wedding photography, corporate function photography, ceremonies, concerts and parties. Event photography is one of the most challenging photography disciplines as it requires careful planning and good timing. The event photographer does not get a second take.

The event photographer must to know his equipment and environment inside out because he does not have the luxury of asking the client or subject to redo that special moment, the exchange of rings, the award presentation handshake, the blowing out of the candles or the first kiss.

Not only am I a professional photographer but I am also a professional project manager so I know the importance of pre-planning and making sure that the timing is exactly right. Most large events require a substantial amount of pre planning to ensure that the photographs are taken correctly this will entail pre-planning meetings with the client and also visits to the event location.

I will work with the event organizer to ensure that I know exactly where I am needed and when. My plan for the event shoot is submitted to my client or his organizer. This type of meticulous planning required with event photography because they are no second chances. The photographer has to get it right the first time.

Besides the obvious technical aspects of event photography, there is also the creative side. This is especially important when it comes to the amazing and memorable event photos. For this reason wedding photography stands out. But being creative is just as important with other forms of event photography. 

They way that I price my packages is unique so you are able to get a completely customised quote for exactly what you want.

Taken at the Tsogo Sun Sprint Fashion Show in 2018

Some of my valued clients

Event Photography: Conference Photographer, Concert Photographer, Parties and Functions Photographer.