Beware Of The Fake Photographers

You have to know how to hold your camera and some of the simple rules to avoid camera shake.

Portrait Photography - James Full
This photo looks alright except for a bit of white balance correction.
Portrait Failure
When zoomed in it becomes apparent that the photo is not in focus and very noisy.

And light… you have to know a lot about light. The different types of light, the sources of light and knowing a bit about the inverse square law of light will help.

We haven’t even touched on composition or how RAW can be used to allow better post-processing. Oh and don’t forget the post-processing.

There is a lot to know and most is it is just instinct to an experienced photographer.

You don’t need the most expensive camera to take good photos but the quality of a photo is greatly improved with an expensive camera if you know what you are doing.

For Photography Clients

If someone is willing to do your shoot for less than half of what other people are quoting be suspicious.

Not everyone that says they are a photographer is really a photographer. If you are not sure, most photographers will have a portfolio and/or a website that showcases their work.

Bear in mind that photos on websites are lower resolution than the photo that you should have delivered. With this in mind, look at photography websites so that you know what you should be expecting.

If you took your car to a ‘mechanic’ who had 3 hours of instruction the results will not be pleasing. It is the same with photography.

In Conclusion

We have established what a photographer is. Please support real photographers that provide quality products and services.
If you are a fake photographer please try and become a real one before selling services that you are incapable of providing properly.

I look forward to the comments.

2 thoughts on “Beware Of The Fake Photographers

  1. Thanks for writing this article “Beware of the fake photographers”. It is my greatest wish to NOT be one of them!! There is a lot I haven’t learned yet. And there is a bit I don’t understand at 100% of what I do know. But It is my desire to share the beauty of what I see with others. I will do whatever it takes to do that. I will shoot 10,000 crappy photos and still take that step towards 10,001 and beyond. I will pay attention in school and I will learn to the best I know how. I will carry my camera into restaurants, grocery stores, doctor offices and wherever I go. I will shoot what I see. To quote someone I admire: “I’ll look up. I’ll look down. I’ll look all around.” I simply do not wish to be a FAKE. I want to build a clientele that will trust me, and tell others about me. Having said all this: It is also a great fear of mine that I will be suspected of being a “FAKE” simply because I am new. One has to begin somewhere and I hope my path brings people to me that are willing to trust me even though I’ll be fresh out of school and they may be one of my initial “gigs”.

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