Architectural Photography

I don’t rate myself as an architectural photographer but last weekend I had the pleasure of staying at, what may be, the most luxurious accommodation I have ever stayed at.

Eagle Nest is an amazing place. It’s like a luxury hotel but with a few major differences. They also offer full-time accommodation in bachelor suites and couple’s suites along with a hotel section.

From the outside Eagle Nest almost resembles an upper class office complex but when you open the doors it is just pure luxury right down to the chandelier and porcelain tiles.

Obviously I had to take some photos. I have never really been big on architectural photography but I pulled out the wide angle lens and took some late night shots of the interior of the building.

Architectural Photography - Entrance

Main Entrance

Architectural Photography - Lobby

The Lobby

Architectural Photography - Reception


Architectural Photography

Indoor Pool

Architectural Photography - Stair Well

Stair Well

Architectural Photography - Bachelor

Bachelor Suite

Architectural Photography - Twin Suite

Twin Suite

Architectural Photography - Hotel Suite

Hotel Suite

Eagle nest is just off Hendrik Potgieter Rd in Little Falls. If you need a place to stay they can be contacted on +27 (0)74 656 9644

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